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Python: Split up iterable into evenly-sized chunks

Python English Code

In a recent tool I developed, I had the need to split up a list (or any iterable) into equal-sized lists of values. In this post, I document the process on how I reached my goal, what steps it took and the decisions behind them.


Implementing the Argo CD GitOps Flow

Kubernetes DevOps English Argo CD Bash

In this post, I'd like to document the approach I've developed for a highly automated application development and deploment process, based on various online sources and self-built bash glue.


Tales from by LinkedIn inbox (part 2)

Rants English

Last year I wrote a bit about my frustation with tech recruiters . Around September 2020 I started looking for new jobs again (as my team at Zeppelin was falling apart), so I changed my status to "Open for Work" again.


IT-Sicherheit - Made in Germany

IT-Security Rants Deutsch

Dieser Post ist ein Rant.


PlantUML tips and resources I found useful


Lately I've become quite a fan of PlantUML, a tool to automatically generate (technical) diagrams from text files. PlantUML takes care of the layout and allows putting your documents into version control like git. I even added support in my blog engine, to properly render and link PlantUML documents in posts (including their source code).


How to set up a TF2 server in 2022

Gaming English Linux

This post shows how to setup a full dedicated TF2 multiplayer server on a modern Linux system (including process supervising and some privilege separation). Additionally we install some addons and plugins to increase the functionality and comfort.


Rebuilding my Blog from scratch

Blog English

When I started this blog in 2017, I had to decide on a system to use. A long time ago I used Wordpress, but because of the high maintenance required, as well the constant security issues, I decided to go with a static site generator instead: Hugo.


IMAP Backup with Offlineimap

E-Mail English

When it comes to email hosting, I'm quite old school. Instead of using cloud services like GMail, I like plain IMAP and SMTP. It allows me to take my emails anywhere, without being locked-in. This has served me quite well over the last 15 years.


Using sccache to speedup Rust builds in Docker

Software Development English

Lately I've become quite a fan of Rust, a modern programming language with a focus on memory safety. I'm using it in different projects, mostly for it's great speed and low resource usage compared to e.g. Python or Node.


Building a Helm chart from scratch

DevOps English

Since starting at Zeppelin, I've been learning Kubernetes in detail. While there is great documentation about K8S and tons of video tutorials, I'm a practical person that wants to jump in and learn along the way.